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Michael J. Greenhut

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New York, NY 10025







Programming strengths: Flash(CS4,CS5,CS5.5), ActionScript(2.0, 3.0), JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas, XML

Familiar with: C++, Jquery, HTML, Assembly, MySql, JSFL, PHP





2001 Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, SUNY Binghamton

2003 Master of Arts Degree in English/Creative Writing, SUNY Binghamton


September 2015 – Present SENIOR GAME DEVELOPER Playmatics
Developed games in Unity2D and 3D, including a 2D platformer and a 3D GearVR demo. Developed games in Haxe. Assisted in creating office policy for coding practices and asset integration.

October 2012 – September 2015 FREELANCE GAME DEVELOPER Playmatics
Developed games for scientific studies, educational purposes and disability aids. Coded games in Haxe. Worked with artists and designers to seamlessly integrate 2d art and level data into Unity by building xml-based game engines, including conversions of swf files into atlas-based sprite animations. Contributed Haxe library called "OpenFlump", an engine that ports Flump data to OpenFL.

2011-Present FREELANCE FLASH DEVELOPER Lost Boys International

Developed websites and banners using ActionScript 3 for clients such as Daisy Marc Jacobs, Reyataz, Puma, and Neutrogena. Coordinated ActionScript 3 code with PHP and html, working with developers and project managers at remote locations. Coordinated ActionScript 3 calls with SOAP. Optimized code and assets, cutting size from 200k to 45k by using standard text fields and replacing smaller bitmaps with vectors.



Developed websites and banners using ActionScript 3 for clients such as Exelon, Exjade and Seasonique. Helped other developers with unusual tasks, such as converting PDFs to SWFs and creating radial animation using JSFL and Oval Primitives. Used ActionScript 3 to communicate with xml and JavaScript.

2009-2010 GAME DEVELOPER Arkadium

Developed games in Flash 9 and 10, ActionScript 3. Worked on games for clients such as Disney, Scholastic, Bravo, and others.

Used ActionScript 3 to communicate with xml and JavaScript.

Wrote scripts in JSFL to automatically add animation code to Flash timelines for artists, easing their transition to AS3. Created special MovieClip Button to replace SimpleButton, which artists began to use.

Published an article on AS2 to AS3 conversion in Game Career Guide, and an article on FlashDevelop for Game Developer Magazine.


2007-2009 GAME DEVELOPER Walker Digital

Developed games in Flash 8 and 9, and ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0. Worked on interactive slot machines, admin functions for a Keno demo, property trading strategies for a Monopoly demo, score cards for a Baccarat demo, and video poker code. Implemented classes in ActionScript 2 and 3, and coded in Object Oriented style with some emphasis on the Model-View-Controller design pattern.

Programmed a unit tester in ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 for all coders to use with their

code. Used Flash objects linked to ActionScript classes, generating test cases where each tested class had a static "unitTest" method, which would call other methods of the tested class to produce certain values. The tester generated a green checkmark for each value that was produced correctly, and a red "X" for each that was not.

Converted code from ActionScript 2.0 to ActionScript 3.0. Translation ranged from simple syntactical changes ("Void" to "void", "undefined" to "null" as a default type, "_height" to "height", etc.) to rewriting entire code segments (for example, the Sound class has an entirely different set of methods, the MovieclipLoader class is replaced by the notably different Loader class, and variables for TextFields have been eliminated, which requires any dependencies on said variables to be rewritten). The error checking in AS3 is also far more strict, which requires a lot of formerly unnoticed "garbage" that AS2 can produce to be cleaned up (for example, when the code tries to access the property of an undefined object in AS2, it is ignored; in AS3, execution stops and an error is generated)

Updated and replaced art in Flash applications. Changed Cleopatra graphics to Wolf Run graphics ? background, buttons, slot reels, bonus screens, and 40 different payout lines, each new line generated by me in Adobe Photoshop.

Invented at least one game concept that was recorded in the Walker Digital Invention

Database (confidential).

2006 WEB PROGRAMMER Arts Crossing


Sole creator of site.

Programmed front end with PHP 4.2.2 and Javascript, back end with MySql 3.2.3. Database includes artist information profiles, usernames/passwords (md5 encrypted) and renewable upload credits.

Wrote PHP code to interact with Phpbb (publicly licensed message board software) so users are automatically registered with the forum when they register for a main account, instead of having to register separately for the website and the forum.

2004-2006 WEBMASTER Streamline Automall


Maintained and modified website for Streamline Automall (www.streamlineautomall.com). Updated inventory for potential customers and connected it with other sites (www.cars.com and www.autotrader.com).

Created www.avatarfoundation.com and designed package labels for incense.

2000 COURSE ASSISTANT Binghamton University

CS240, Data Structures. Graded C++ programming labs and taught Microsoft Visual C++ during office hours and lab hours to over 25 students.


Aided hundreds of users in computer labs (checking e-mail, using Windows NT, using various word processing programs).

Promoted to Senior Consultant. Trained junior consultants to help users.


CS140, Introduction to Programming. Graded C++ programming labs and taught Borland C++ to over 20 students. Lectured on various sorting algorithms.


CoRE (Computer, Robotics and Engineering), a special interest housing module at Binghamton University. Participated in robot-building projects at the software level, aided users in "pseudopod" computer lab.

ActionScript.org, a help site for ActionScript Developers. Regularly aid beginning programmers with AS3 issues. Username: SavedByZero


Took Advanced Placement Computer Science course in highschool.

Programmed with C++ from 1996-2001 during undergraduate career. Elective courses included GUI, Artificial Intelligence, Object Oriented Programming, Networking, and Introduction to Unix.