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Last Resort, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, September 2013

Dark Expanse Game, various stories, 2013 - 2014. "Escape From Planet Error", "Who Pirates The Pirates?","Save The Queen"

Gullible Georgina Agravaine, Daily Science Fiction, March 2013

Time Trash, Cosmos Online, January 2013

Watermark, PodCastle, June 2010 (reprint)

Watermark, Fantasy Magazine, summer 2008

Think Fast, Greatest Uncommon Denominator, fall 2008. (honorable mention in Year's Best Horror)

Clarion South Workshop, 2007 graduate

A Better Gentleman, AlienSkin, 2007.

Three Winters and One, Spec The Halls (contest winnter), 2006.

Broken Man, Bondage:Tales of Obsession, 2006

A Witch's Grocery List, Flash Me, 2005. (contest winner)

The Vegetable Garden, AlienSkin, 2005.

Son of Shadow, Dreams and Nightmares, 2005. (honorable mention in Year's Best Fantasy&Horror)

The Samhain Incident, Wicked Hollow, 2002.